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Default Re: PNY Verto GeForce 6600GT 256mb - BIOS needed to work in Linux

Originally Posted by NvFuchs
How about reading the sticky threads
on how to install drivers on recent distributions
and how to report problems first,
so nvidia guys can make sure it is indeed the BIOS?

Because I guess the problem lies elsewhere.

You guess wrong, and thanks for the warm welcome to the forums. The card was flashed by it's previous owner. I finally found on a completely different web site 3 versions of the firmware for the card. It originally just flat out wouldn't work in Ubuntu, period. After using the 3rd version of the firmware it now can at least RUN in Ubuntu, though it thinks it is a 128mb card instead of 256mb. So, next time before just blowing up at someone, ask an intelligent question back first. See, if you had asked what version of the firmware are you running, what version of Ubuntu are you running, what is the symptoms of the problem, you would be helping. RTFM from you should be changed to RMFP from me.

It may interest you to know I *DID* follow the sticky - the part about Debian/Ubuntu. The files/packages were all deleted as per the sticky. I still had problems.
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