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Default Re: Anyone overclocking an e8400/e8500 yet?

4.65 ghz at 1.42v
Evga 680i T1. Oem Active Cooling. Ocz Flexx -XLC pc-9200 2x1gb 1026ddr2 @ 2.3v default (auto) timings.
8800 gts 512 mb, antec neo power 550w. Koolance pc-1026 (lianli with a tripple radiator).
Only watercooling the cpu. with an old koolance 3/8th block.
Load temps were over 54c... way to hot.

I maintained these settings for 2 days. However if i Attempted to overclock my videocard concurrently, it would never make it through a 3dmark run. It would pass the cpu tests, however. When the cpu is not overclocked i get close to 14k 3dmarks running the card at 740mhz and 2100 memory.

I am thinking that I'm having voltage drop issues, and possibly heat related issues on the mosfets, and northbridge.

The odd part is that besides initial bootup, and running some photoshop filters, is that I cannot notice any difference in the usability of the system. I am for all intensive purposes gpu bound.

But its a great overclocker... I think I got a good chip. Most people seem to get 3.6ghz at stock voltage, and 3.8-4.2.

I'll be getting some new w/c gear, along with lapping the cpu, will hopefully find me in the 4.7ghz area with stability. I'll report my finding in the next few weeks.

Upgrading to a pair of swiftech radiators, ek blocks on the m/b, an upgraded 2nd mosfet heatsink, d-tek fuzion. Possibly watercooling the memory if necessary. After I'm done measuring my e-penis, i'll go be going for silence. Hoping to have my system at below 25 dbs at idle.

hope this helps. Get it, its a great processor
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