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Originally posted by The Baron
1. Um... so yeah, his card is better.

2. Hmmmmm no. 9700 Pro beats the Ti4x00 without FSAA as well.

3. BAH. BAH, I SAY TO YOU. UTTER BAH. And if they're CPU limited, WHY DON'T YOU USE AA OR AF?!

4. Wow, you can overclock your FSB. Congratulations. You should feel special.

1. of course, I wont even argue about that, as much of a bottlebeck as his cpu may be.

2. true, but in high res and not by that much either, perhaps a third faster.

3. Id rather run 1600x1200 instead

4. he could do the same if he got a cheap kt400 and xp2100
I have retired from 3dmark! Game time!
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TI200 at 250/525 w00t! 12k club! 12123
MX440 at 330/550 10k possible if V-mod 9305
MX420 at 333/183 poor ocing ram 5258
Geforce2 TI at 250/220 darn! sdr verson! 4740
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