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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Blade
My FSX crashes with the new 174.74 drivers, anyone else?
Yep all the 17x.xx Drivers suck donkey balls in FSX,Infact any driver but 169.44 in the last 6 months sucks for FSX on my system,I dout Nv have looked at there FSX driver code snice Acceleration shipped as they havent fixed any of the large number of issues with FSX under DX10 (ATI dont have the same problems)

PhilT from Aces it seem has contacted them a number of times about the problems but they just have'nt done jack **** about it....i hope ATI can pull another 9700pro out the bag next gen as i cant wait to dump Nv as there driver support is pretty ****ty for anything that doesnt feature a benchmark.....
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