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Default No HUD mod (sort of) for those who play with a 360 controller (am I the only one?)

I just like being able to sit back on my couch in front of my TV with a wireless controller. Anyone else?

If you do I whipped together a jerry rigged no HUD mod of sorts using cfgs and Pinnacle game profiler. It allows you to play the game with the 360 controller with no HUD. When you need to switch suit functions you just pull back the R-Trigger and the HUD pops up. With the R-Trigger still held you can pick your suit function like you always do with the controller. When you release the R-Trigger the HUD turns back off. If you need to have the HUD on for any other reason (look at the map, read objectives, find baddies with the binocs) you can simply toggle it off/on with Dpad R.

I'm sure there's a much more elegant way of doing this but this works just fine for the time being. It's an extra challenge playing with no HUD and it just feels more immersive.
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