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4. he could do the same if he got a cheap kt400 and xp2100
and if I actually ran 3DMark 2k1 on my new machine, I'd probably get quite a bit higher than that.

3. Id rather run 1600x1200 instead
doesn't help with textures, and 1280x960 with 2xAA looks superior anyway. plus you get a higher refresh rate.

2. true, but in high res and not by that much either, perhaps a third faster.
do I really need to reply to this? nah, somebody will do it for me

1. of course, I wont even argue about that, as much of a bottlebeck as his cpu may be.
let me share a magical piece of knowledge with you--your CPU is slower. the R9700 will not hit CPU limitations at 3.6Ghz or whatever the hell you claimed--that's utter BS. it depends entirely on the program.

seriously--what you hear from your friend who heard it from a guy on a message board who heard it from a SHADOWY FIGURE ON IRC WHO CLAIMED TO BE FROM ATI is probably complete and utter rubbish.
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