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Originally posted by Geforce4ti4200
I consider it a draw:

1. you own me in 2003, especially with fsaa, but then that benchmark is a dx9 one, its not an apples comparsion. Youd probably own me in dx9 games in a few years when they come out.
2. your 256 bit bandwith helps heaps with fsaa but without fsaa I would own j00! and I dont use fsaa either
3. many games are cpu intensive so I own you in 1024x768 and below without fsaa while you own me above that, but who cares when you get 20fps at 1600x1200 while I get 60fps at 800x600
4. im aiming for 14500 marks, eating you by 900 marks. Your cpu will hold you very badly. Your max fps will remain low at any res while my max fps will be low only at high res
1. You damn right I own you in 3D Mark 2003. If we just compared the DX7 and DX8 tests, I would still own you as there is only DX9 game test.

2. and your FSB helps heaps with your 3D Mark score. Lower your FSB to my level and lets see who gets their @ss beat.

3. What about 1280x1024? (I'll get more FPS in that than you'll get in 800x600

4. my max FPS will be low at YOUR resolutions. As I raise it it will be higher and higher and take less of a hit with every notch i increase it

Face it son, you are a 3D Mark freak...lets see who can run Half Life 2 better in September...then you can talk to me
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