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Default Re: Re: Re: Unreal 'optimization' a non-issue?

Originally posted by Ruined
Well, I think HardOCP is coming up with a sensible conclusion - even if there are minor differences in filtering (slightly favoring fx5900 w/o AF, slightly favoring 9800 w/AF), you can only see those differences with zoomed in Photoshopped screenshots, but in actual gameplay (according to them), you can't tell the difference. In this case, they seemed to go to great lengths to detect differences as well, but in the end could not during gameplay. Therefore, it's a moot point.

HardOCP has been very pro ATI in the past so I wouldn't say it's an nvidia biased site, though they seem to be approaching it in a sensible way - compare the games to each other while you are actually playing, as opposed to studying photoshopped screencaps...
It has been said over and over on numerous sites how they chose a place to take a pic of that would make the situation less apparent. It is clear as day on any of the shots Beyond3d posted. And dont talk about them being sensible. Is it sensible to ban people who do nothing wrong like DaveBaumman(?) and doomtrooper?
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