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Default Re: Re: Re: Unreal 'optimization' a non-issue?

Originally posted by Ruined
Well, I think HardOCP is coming up with a sensible conclusion - even if there are minor differences in filtering (slightly favoring fx5900 w/o AF, slightly favoring 9800 w/AF), you can only see those differences with zoomed in Photoshopped screenshots, but in actual gameplay (according to them), you can't tell the difference. In this case, they seemed to go to great lengths to detect differences as well, but in the end could not during gameplay. Therefore, it's a moot point.

HardOCP has been very pro ATI in the past so I wouldn't say it's an nvidia biased site, though they seem to be approaching it in a sensible way - compare the games to each other while you are actually playing, as opposed to studying photoshopped screencaps...

And yeh there are a lot of posts but I thought this was a pretty cool article because its a brand new article done by one of the 'big' sites, and is very in depth, and specifically addressed the filtering issue and optimizations everyone has been talking about recently. I know I read in many threads people were stating that Nvidia was 'cheating' in UT and offering inferior filtering, I would say this article is a good counter for that point.
their conclusion is flawed... comparng bilinear/trinlinear filtering is the problem that is being raised... and has been proven in screenshots other than [H]'s across the web...

have a read @ for their version of events.. even kyle linked to it in the thread started concernig this topic on [H]
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