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Default Re: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for PC

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
This is what ticks me off, when you automically generalize all console games as "dumb down" because your favorite franchise was changed to appeal to a wider majority then continue selling to a strict few.

Rainbow six was "dumbed down" before it ever went to console. If I remember correctly both the original and Rogue Spear were able to be brought over to the PS1 and DC perfectly fine. Hell Deus Ex was brought over to the PS2 in the same fashion. They aren't "dumbed down" because they are being developed for consoles but rather to sell more copies... its to appeal to a far larger market then the little tactical shooter market.
Exactly, I've been saying this for a while... It's not consoles that dumb down games, but rather games going more and more mass market. Same thing with movies, in the 40's and 50's movies were more complex, required you to pay much more attention... as they got more and more greedy for more and more viewers, movies got dumber and dumber (mainstream movies I'm talking about here, obviously).

Ubisoft wants to sell more copies of R6, that's ALL this is about.

In any event, Vegas was still an excellent game, anyone who played it should know that. It's not a pure tactical shooter, but you certainly can't run n' gun through it either... takes some thought and process. You can be killed in one hit, and you're always killed in one hit on veteran mode. Better check those corners!

I'll be getting Vegas 2 on Steam.
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