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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Unreal 'optimization' a non-issue?

Originally posted by reever2
It has been said over and over on numerous sites how they chose a place to take a pic of that would make the situation less apparent. It is clear as day on any of the shots Beyond3d posted. And dont talk about them being sensible. Is it sensible to ban people who do nothing wrong like DaveBaumman(?) and doomtrooper?
Yeh, but is that sensible, finding a particular screenshot that when studied might show some differences for one card or another? Maybe in another screenshot the Nvidia output would look better than ATI? If HardOCP ran through the levels on both cards and couldn't see any difference, isn't that really what matters, since playing Unreal consists of running through levels shooting people, not taking screencaps of, studying, and zooming in on far away textures?

You can kind of draw a (somewhat faulty but what the heck) analogy to DVD. DVD uses MPEG2 compression, and if you pause a frame of a DVD, you can often study it and find some sort of artifacting, be it edge enhancement, haloing, mpeg blocking, etc... However, when played back, you generally don't notice such things (unless the DVD is mastered very poorly). So, although you aren't getting the full uncompressed perfect image quality, and although when you pause the DVD you might be able to find flaws in particular frames, when you are actually watching the movie you don't notice these things, so they are irrelevant. What I'm saying is, if it takes studying a zoomed in still frame to find a difference in an in-game image, its rather irrelevant since you would never be doing that when actually playing the game.
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