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Originally posted by Ruined
Uncompromised fidelity impossible, and near-uncompromised is ridiculously expensive. They make speakers over $20,000 and displays over $20,000. An usually even they are compromised in ways. The funny thing is you'd probably get a much higher fidelity boost by buying a new, even higher quality display than any of the settings we are talking about on these vidcards.
You can have the best speakers on the planet, and if you pair it with a preamp and an amp that aren't very good, they'll sound like CRAP.

And, you know what I mean. I don't want IQ sacrificed for speed unless I tell it to be sacrificed for speed. I bought the thing, it should be my damn choice how fast it runs.

And for the record, they make speakers that are $100,000. $20 grand is nothing to spend on a speaker.
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