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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce 9800 GTX" thread

Hey guys, been on here for awhile but havent posted lately, i picked up my EVGA 9800GTX on saturday, now ill be around so much more !

I picked up 2k more compared to my mates old 8800GTS 640MB that was OC'd to GTX speeds on 3D Mark 06 (we plonked it my machine, 8800gts oc'd 11.2k > 9800gtx13.5k stock), its beasty as, I love this thing, and dont regret it...

I've been reading over at evga forums some negative feedback, but they believe it to be drivers, so lets hope nVidia release us some tanky drivers!

i also plan on picking up a nForce790i ultra soon !
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