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Default Re: Rivatuner overclocking question

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Ok guys, here's my problem. I'm overclocking my 8800GTX with Rivatuner (v2.08 in Vista x64). It seems that my core clock will only go up in set intervals. My card came stock at 620 MHz. If I increase the core clock (using rivatuner) it doesn't actually change until I get to 635 MHz. When I hit 635, it jumps to 648 MHz. Then again, it doesn't go up until I set it to 662 MHz, at which point it goes to 675 MHz. And then, it doesn't go up until I set it to 680, and it goes to 684.

I'm monitoring the actual clock speed using both rivatuners hardware monitor and Everest. They both report the same thing.

So my question is, are my clock monitoring programs (Everest and rivatuner's hardware monitor) reporting the correct values? And if they are, why aren't they what I'm setting them to in the clock settings?
Yea, that is just how the 8800s work when overclocked. Doesnt matter what software you use.
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