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Default Re: Crysis quality/performance sweetspot on 8800gtx: ini tweaks and pics

AF is not working because he use POM (parallax occlusion mapping). Disable POM and force AF in the control panel

I myself prefer AF and detailed textures while only using the regular bumpmapping instead of POM and blurry textures. Its up to each and one...

I would add a few things to this config that doesnt cost any FPS but make it look better:

r_colorgrading = 1 - more natural and realistic look
r_UsePOM = 0 - give's you sharper textures and a few more FPS
r_TexturesStreaming = 0 - better graphics on mountains and distant landscapes
e_detail_materials_view_dist_xy = 4096 - better graphics on mountains and distant landscapes
e_detail_materials_view_dist_z = 256 - same

This will even give you a few more FPS than his original cfg because POM can cost up to 5 fps sometimes and only make distant and near distant textures blurry and ugly. We can only hope that this will be fixed in crysis 2 or someting

Overall this is a kickass config. Everyone with a geforce 8800 graphic card should try this...
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