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I luv mah ti4200 340/700
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1. ok you win there
2. ill run 133fsb and id still break 11k marks, I broke 11k on an xp1600 at 150fsb, my xp2000 stock should break 11k
3. ok you are on. what game or benchy do you want to run? see if you can eat me, ill run 800x600, you run 1280x1024. NO fsaa either! if you eat me, I can tell everyone I was wrong and you owned me what I am betting is your slow cpu wont have the power to push alot of fps at any res, basically your fps will be the same no matter what res you ran, this happened when I had a slower cpu
4. if your max fps at 640x480 is 30, your max may be 28fps at 1600x1200 while my max may be 50 at 640x480 and 10 at 1600x1200. get the point? youll never have more than 30fps while I will at the expense of resolution. point being, is 1600x1200 worth $450 when my $64 card does 800x600? sure games will look nicer for you while Ill be buying more games and a faster cpu
I have retired from 3dmark! Game time!
cpu: Tbred AIUHB xp2000+ unlocked and overclocked(1.75 volts) to 2.09GHz(used to do 2.47GHz)
gpu: Several, see 3dmark scores!
ram: Mushkin pc3500 level II, dual channel 2x256mb(sold) I now have corsair value that performs better for less than half the price!
mobo: abit nf7-s, shes fasssssst!
hdd: Seagate 80GB 7200rpm
3dmark2001 scores:
TI4200 330/700 on nf7-s 16490
TI4200 128mb on kt400 15580
TI500 at 265/600 core won't V-mod 12713
TI200 at 250/525 w00t! 12k club! 12123
MX440 at 330/550 10k possible if V-mod 9305
MX420 at 333/183 poor ocing ram 5258
Geforce2 TI at 250/220 darn! sdr verson! 4740
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