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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Brent's article was a waste of time. Either you compare the cards at equivalent settings for an apples to apples approach(and it's the reviewer's job to play with settings to find this), or if that is not possible you add a disclaimer that one IHV's cards are not doing the same amount of work, therefore inflating the score.
So I assume you'd agree that every review with the R9800PRO vs FX5900Ultra should include a disclaimer that the ATI's scores only are done at FP24, possibly inflating the score over the FX5900Ultra which can do FP32, which is more work, and therefore ATI may have an inflated score?

Or, when Doom3 benchmarks are released, since Nvidia's cards have the new Ultra Shadow feature that the ATI cards lack, which allows them to not draw parts of shadows that aren't being seen onscreen without affecting IQ thereby increasing fps, the reviewer should add a disclaimer that Nvidia is doing less work due to this and therefore may have an inflated score?

It seems like every review would be adding that both cards are doing less work for different games at times and both cards scores may be inflated... Then have a whole page dedicated to it. Like this?

"*For Unreal Tournament, Nvidia seems to use a filtering method that though not discernable while playing is less work for the card, and therefore Nvidia's score may be inflated. However, ATI also cannot operate at the same level of FP precision as Nvidia in UT, so ATI's score also may be inflated as they would be doing less work at the lower precision. For Doom3, Nvidia uses their new ultrashadow technology, which speeds up fps without loss of IQ, and since this feature is not available on ATI cards, Nvidia's scores may be inflated. Then again, they also may not be inflated since Nvidia can operate at FP32 when ATI cannot. Over the coming weeks, we will have to investigate the percentage gain when Ultrashadow is used in this game versus the percentage loss of when FP32 is used in this game to truly convey whether or not the NVidia card is doing more or less work than the ATI card, and therefore whether Nvidia's score in this game is inflated or not.. For game xxx... etc"

That sound about right? Reminds me of 'dual of wits' scene in 'The Princess Bride.'

P.S. -- I felt Brent's article was less a waste of time, and more a breath of sanity/rationality.
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