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Default Re: [173.08]2D is very slow

what U all doing..?

Nvidia has been the number one choice for Linux users since... since... forever! and Ive been using it since 2001 (Linux/nvidia), never have I resorted to the excuse *blame it on nvidia* because once one look at the other options... nuthin'

I think it's a user- or hardware problem... I've used nVIDIA and Linux for years and never had any of your problems, fact is that I build computers and install Linux for customers that feel like testing something better...

Ohh, You are using beta software..? Like compiz..? Well, then you have to understand that alpha/beta software isn't for everybody... and above all not for you...

this is a good tip for many people out there...

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Disable"
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