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Originally posted by Ruined
Well what about the Doom3 UltraShadow example? Not drawing shadows that are out of the line of sight is something that Raedon cards should be able to handle, but they will not be able to do so in their drivers since Nvidia has patented the technology, a technology that will likely be application specific and rely on drivers for the optimization - there certainly isn't an 'ultrashadow chip' on nvidia cards. There is no option to disable Ultrashadow either. Is this new feature also a big problem?
UltraShadow is a hardware feature on NV35, not a software feature as far as I'm aware. Just look at it as another form of HSR, which doesn't degrade image quality at all and therefore isn't important in the context of this discussion.

If we carried on at this rate we'd end up saying 'Hyper-Z and Tile-based rendering are bad, because they remove pixels'.
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