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So I assume you'd agree that every review with the R9800PRO vs FX5900Ultra should include a disclaimer that the ATI's scores only are done at FP24, possibly inflating the score over the FX5900Ultra which can do FP32, which is more work, and therefore ATI may have an inflated score?
Yea they should. But show me were the FX is running at FULL32 bits in just one reveiw please. Its not. We have found out from a number of places that it drops down to lower settings and even FP12 for some of its work. So your right, we need a disclaimer but for ATI as they are always 24 bits.

Or, when Doom3 benchmarks are released, since Nvidia's cards have the new Ultra Shadow feature that the ATI cards lack, which allows them to not draw parts of shadows that aren't being seen onscreen without affecting IQ thereby increasing fps, the reviewer should add a disclaimer that Nvidia is doing less work due to this and therefore may have an inflated score?
No thats only gonna happen when they use the NV30 code path which JC has said is faster but slighly lower IQ than the ARB2 path. Now JC said that the average person may not be able to see this, but that the job of a reivew. To compare two products with same task with the same IQ. Change one or the other and you have comparison thats not apples vrs apples.

The point is the user selects the highest settings. The NV drivers ignore what the user wants and gives lower IQ. Is it fair to benchmark one card doing full tri-linear vrs another thats only doing it part of the time with lower IQ (HardOCP even said that it lowers IQ)? I mean come on Tri-linear filtering is been around for last 4 years standard on almost all cards. Why does a card that cost 500 dollars have to change my setting for Tri-linear? The fact that Brent/Kyle can not see it does not mean squat as others like Dave at B3D can (sorry I trust Dave as he has been in the video card review business a lot longer and knows a lot more). Its like a scratch on your car. Sure others can not see it, but once you know where to look you can see that scratch accross the lot (you know what I mean).
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