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Originally Posted by sharvin
So my internet connection is slowed down to around 50kb/s and it says its because of a firewall but I only have windows firewall and no others installed I'm using a netgear router with a firewall on it but i haven't changed anything and have turned the firewall on it off, any ideas?
What is telling you the firewall is slowing out of interest - not some spyware per chance

Seriously, I have a Netgear DG834v1 and never had any slowing down on my ADSL connection. Power cycle = switch off leave off for a minute and switch on again. Don't switch off/on many times a day as your line to the local exchange will probably try to resync to find a stable (read slower) speed.

Do you leave it on all the time and which model is it?

Ideally you should use a software firewall that blocks content from your PC as the Windows firewall stops connections to it only. Not much good if a virus/spyware is on the PC and therefore has free reign to access the internet.

Free examples of software firewalls are: Zonealarm (free) and Comodo Pro
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