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Default Re: Severe issues with NVIDIA x86 Kernel Module 169.12 (Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI)

Hi, I have simular MTRR issues when I try the nvidia 169.12 or 171.06 drivers!

This error message goes away when i reduce the amount of ram from 4GB to 2GB.
The machine is a dual Xeon 3.6 on an Intel SE7525GP2 mobo with 4GB ram, with a NV Quadro FX 3450 PCIE, so I just enable memory sparing in the bios and FreeBSD 6.3 only "sees" 2GB!

Dualhead X windows run fine on two monitors when I use the "nv" driver from the FreeBSD 6.3 RELEASE disks (only had to add the option "Dualhead" "True" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf to it), but no Open GL, so very slowwwww.

However when I try the "nvidia-xconfig -twinview" modified xorg.conf, running the Nvidia drivers, the primary monitor doesn't seem to be probed and only comes up in vga mode (640x480/16 bit colour) whereas the second monitor comes up in 1280x1024 24bit mode! No matter what options or settings i've tried so far will get the primary monitor to come up in a reasonable resolution!

I hope that dropping the ram in your system, solves your problem.

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