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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by energyman76b
yeah, calling compiz alpha is absurd. Pre-alpha would be correct.

However claiming that it makes the desktop more responsive THAT is absurd.

All the effects and goodies are a worthless waste of time (except the animated thumbnails and maybe scale). You want responsiveness? Clean up your xorg.conf and don't use low end hardware.
Calling nvidia drivers stable is absurd. They maybe become stable and usable in few years. Compiz is very stable and fast. If it's not there's something wrong with your drivers probably... My xorg.conf can't be more clean, but 6800, 8xxx series must be low end hardware...

metacity? why not compare compiz to some wm that is not dead slow in itself?

And yes, I am confrontational, because most of the time people complain it is:
the hardware
the bios
the cards bios
or their own fault.
Stop trolling. Have you any proofs that Metacity is slow? It's in 95% nvidia fault. If you have nothing smart to say just shut up.
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