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I'm not planning to side if the UT2003 optimizations are valid..

However these optimizations CANNOT be used for benchmarking.. an apples to apples comparison has to be made..

HardOCP cannot justify the benchmark values to be valid in comparison to ATI's benchmark values... full trilinear MUST BE compared to full trilinear

Every other analysis in that UT article was ok.... it didn't put into perspective what these optimizations validate their benchmarks...

As it gets fuzzy over MSAA or AF implementation.. the numbers you are judging against SHOULD ALWAYS be backed up by pictures of the in-game (videos if necessary) AND the control panel settings used (making sure application mode is checked or something like that)..

What people see is pretty subjective.. what people can force on their hardware is objective...

As one of the conclusions of the articles suggest.. it should've been an option to "enable these optimizations".. and it shouldn't be forced upon you by NVidia..

Quality = Quality = Quality
Trilinear = Trilinear = Trilinear

No other questions asked...
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