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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by pawels133
Calling nvidia drivers stable is absurd. They maybe become stable and usable in few years.
Woah, I have drivers from the future!
Because they are stable, fast an usable.

Compiz is very stable
Wrong, and compiz devs are aware of it.
Keep track of the gitweb on compiz-fusion as I do,
and you notice lots of fixes for memory leaks
and even stability stuff. Not in the fusion plugins,
but in compiz main.

Last stable marked release (0.7.4) just broke
Damage for some cube settings.

Not what i'd call stable.

Stop trolling. Have you any proofs that Metacity is slow? It's in 95% nvidia fault. If you have nothing smart to say just shut up.
Just run gtkperf and compare the performance to other toolkits.
Just replace it with fluxbox / openbox / kwin in the same environment.

It is, compared to others, very slow.

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