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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by pawels133

So, QT4 must be the slowest toolkit!
Possible. I have no Qt4 benchmark at hand,
but if you point me to one I can compare.

Funny thing is: gtk-engines-qt performs better
than any gtk-engine I got in gtkperf,
even tough there is a wrapper which should
slow things down ...

// no comment

It's much slower than GTK on my Geforce 6800. I have newsest drivers and they're not fast, not stable and NOT usable with KDE4.
I don't have KDE4 at hand and can't be arsed to emerge the
whole thing, but when I tried it on a live system (!) it was
fast enough to work with, even though the system ran
from RAM / CD-R.

I also have some Qt4 Applications, and I don't think
they are slower compared to the load of Qt3 apps I use.

But again: point me to a reliable benchmark for Qt4
and I can provide you some numbers.

Any more comments on compiz being stable?

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