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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Last time I checked I got neither nvidia crap nor intel GPUs,
just good hardware from nvidia with software I am happy with.
From nvidia.

Where are the links to the benchmarks?
You sounds like a troll. I'll give you some benchmarks when I'll reinstall my system.

And the snow is blue here.
No, I don't have to bring in any facts or proof,
my statement is already more than enough!
Only blind wouldn't see a difference, but I'll give you proofs.

Just a guess: you don't even know the difference between them,
nor that c-f in fact uses a non-modified compiz but just
provides some plugins around it. Oh, those where the differences,
now you don't even have to search them by yourself.
Heh, you're so funny. Compiz core is stable, but some plugins from compiz-fusion aren't.

Another guess: you never even saw compiz without
fusion around it.
It seems that everything what you've already wrote about QT/GTK performance is just a guess. Another guess...

Just stop trolling until I'll reinstall my system and give you some proofs.
Not everybody can smoke and drink... xd
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