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Originally posted by Matthyahuw
You guys haven't gotten it by now? I'm just trying to play devil's advocate as everyone else is playing the "bash nvidia" game. I always root for the underdog, even if it's wrong...

Someone else has to play the other side, you can't have a one-sided arguement, it would just make a big forum full of rants, who wants to read a bunch of rants? I know I don't...
A few months ago I used to read EVERY post here (as I used to be a mod), but I can barely bring myself to read 5% of the posts now, it's all the same thing: nVIDIA cheated, they are 'teh suck'

It's old, and just like no one in the real world cares about not finding the WMD as long as saddam's gone, no one cares about 'optimizaions' as it looks just fine to 99.99999% of us...just like Brent and Kyle, they came to the same conclusion...
What is happening is what pushes better hardware. I am sure that is what you want right?? I get excited when technology advances. Right now Nvidia is behind Ati, they are trying every little trick to "simulate" that they are hand and hand. Even getting to some of the review sites. Forums are the best place to find out these little tricks and discuss them.

A statement like you made does not help nvidia but actually just damages your image. I know that a lot of posts here are pro-ati, but it's because facts back them up. We all wish nvidia would get back into the game to have something to brag about as well.
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