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Originally posted by Ruined
Re: why did I bring up Ultrashadow? Because its an optimization ATI could likely make in software, and pertained to the analogy I made in that post. No 'backup arguments' needed, as the original sticks - IQ differences that can't be seen while actually playing are meaningless to the game player.
Instead of repeating myself, I'll just try a different angle now. Why are you generalizing everyone as "the game player"? Are not the people who are complaining, game players?

Everyone has their own subjective preferences. Why are they being forced to make a slight ("unnoticeable") trade off for extra performance if they want uncompromising quality?

It's no big deal to you, but obviously it's a big deal to other people. What makes you right? Why can't everyone play the way they want within the hardware's capabilities?

We're arguing for choice, and you're arguing for "it's good enough the way it is", just so Nvidia can look better in benchmarks.
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