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Default Re: Q9450 high idle/load temps (2 of them)

Originally Posted by INear
Well I was at a loss tonight when I took the Q9300 back to Fry's Electronics tonight. On my G33 chipset motherboard and my 780i motherboard, the CPU was reporting high temps. Tried it uder water cooling and my Big Typhoon. Both times with multiple reseating and they were 50 idle. They plugged it in at Fry's and the cpu was reporting 28 through the BIOS. I don't know. I will wait and get a Q9450. Don't know if it was the chipsets or BIOS's or whatever. Still strange.
After testing with my Q6600 and my Q9450 on an ASUS Premium P5K, I'm' 99% sure it is BIOS support. Under water, my Q6600 idled at 28C and Prime95 small FFT load at 45C (BIOS). Putting in my Q9450 (with only a beta BIOS for C1 stepping support), I get 41C idle and load at 61C prime95. First I wonder if its my water setup so I put in a lapped TRUE-120 and my temps: 45C idle and 70C prime95. Im not too concerned about core temps, but BIOS temp has me a little freaked out since I will do a lot of encoding and such on this quad. Also after 2 re-seats on each I get the same temps.
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