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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by pawels133
I did some tests:

Total time: 33.94

Total time: 50.47

Total time: 42.99

Have you anything smart to say now
1) without giving any informations on the settings
you used the results are useless.

For 1000 runs these results would be fine, yes.

2) the closed source driver outperforms
both of the open drivers. With a big difference.
Now what about you telling the css driver
is crap, compared to open ones,

just to quote you:
"open, high quality drivers."

You called nvidia drivers "crappy" several times,
sorry mate, but look at the results.

I'd call the other drivers crappy.

(but without nvidia fanboy bull**** please)?
polite as ever, and yes, of course it is fanboy bull****
when I experience good, stable drivers,
working suspend, fast 3D acceleration, decent 2D accelerations ...

Is 33.94secs alright using nvidia binary driver?
For 1000 runs, at least. Again, you never told me
what settings you used, so your results are useless.

LOL. Using 169.12 it was 27 secs which is very slow.
Compared to?
Then what are the nv and vesa results,
if 27 seconds (+/- half the time vesa needs)
are very slow?

I'll do some testing with Intel card too which performs much better in KDE4.
Again, at the moment you can state what you want,
let me see some intel results (and if I get my hands
on an Intel card I'll run some benchmarks by myself,
with sane Xorg settings in a sane environment) please.

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