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Originally posted by Ruined
Re: why did I bring up Ultrashadow? Because its an optimization ATI could likely make in software, and pertained to the analogy I made in that post. No 'backup arguments' needed, as the original sticks - IQ differences that can't be seen while actually playing are meaningless to the game player.
Sure they might be able to do it in software, but it would almost certainly not function. Ultrashadow increases performance but does not change IQ. Doing it in software would probably be slower than trying to render an image without it.

As for you continued assinine comments, there have been screenshots posted that weren't zoomed in at showed the issue perfectly. It is exactly this point that begs asking the question WTF Brent was thinking? He didn't post any shots that showed the issue clearly. Why not?

He didn't compare the gfFX UT2003 filtering hack with ATI's full trilinear. Again, why not? Is he just incompetent? Or did he want to make the issue look as much as a non-issue as possible?
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