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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Are you nvidia guy? Do you know how to help resolve my problem with nvidia drivers? If you don't you're just trolling and attacking people who's got problems with their cards. Do you need my xorg.conf, lspci, dmesg? Now, about my above test. I ran it few times and results was +/- 1sec. What settings do you want?

Compared to?
Then what are the nv and vesa results,
if 27 seconds (+/- half the time vesa needs)
are very slow?
Are you joking?! Binary drivers result - 27 seconds (but it's 34 seconds using newest driver; using your xorg it was 36 seconds) is VERY low. As far as I know nv is in some way supported by nvidia and it's worst than vesa...

polite as ever, and yes, of course it is fanboy bull****
Just naming things as they are.
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