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Default Re: 8400M GS : Low performences

Originally Posted by pawels133
Are you nvidia guy?

Do you know how to help resolve my problem with nvidia drivers?
I allready did, here as an example:

But I can't solve every single problem you have.
You also wont expect a car mechanic to solve all your problems
over the internet when doesn't even know the car you got.

If you don't you're just trolling and attacking people who's got problems with their cards.
Re-read the quote I gave you about what trolling is.
And no, I am not attacking, I am trying to help,
but I also tell people that not every single fault is nvidias fault.
Read the past threads, many things where BIOS settings,
faulty packages (pink shadows in compiz) or similar things.

Do you need my xorg.conf, lspci, dmesg? Now, about my above test. I ran it few times and results was +/- 1sec. What settings do you want?
I just want to know which settings you used.
If you used 1000 runs the numbers are fine, in my opinion.

Are you joking?! Binary drivers result - 27 seconds (but it's 34 seconds using newest driver; using your xorg it was 36 seconds) is VERY low.
Says who? Compared to other (1000 runs) results here in the
forums and on the authors page it is rather fast.
For 100 runs it would be low, yes.

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