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Default Re: Who needs Vista, when Windows 7 is coming next year.

Originally Posted by David power
I donít see a new windows coming out yet, Vista hasnít even got started yet, Is it even out a year? Too much work went into it, if anything and this is a long shot, They might have got allot of bad press and this has caused the Vista name to become tainted, so as a way to sound fresh they might rename the OS with the next Service pack,

You canít program an OS in one year man, its millions on lines of code. not going to happen.
They build on each other. I doubt windows 7 is as much a change over vista, as vista was over XP anyhow.

Though I agree next year is a touch too soon. MS needs to be careful before they run themselves into the ground. Although I'd be rather surprised if it really does come out next year.
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