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Originally posted by Ruined
StealthHawk: No personal attacks please.

Again, the guys at HardOCP pitted an FX5900 with 44.03 drivers against 9800PRO with latest drivers and could see zero difference in-game. Regardless of the filtering Nvidia is using with the FX5900 and 44.03 drivers, it looks no different than the filtering that is being used on the 9800PRO when you are actually playing the game according to a pro site that was specifically looking for such differences in gameplay. 'nuff said. reev: Pictures from an article expounding on an FX5600 issue should not be generalized to the entire FX line, and articles that only address how zoomed in screenshots look compared to one another are nice, but I'm more interested in how the game actually looks and plays, which is what the HardOCP article addressed. I'd read the HOCP article again, it actually makes quite a bit of sense - it's more concerned with the big picture. Remember, HOCP is the same site that blasted Nvidia for IQ several times within the past few months, gave poor reviews to FX5600 cards, etc, so it's difficult to come up with a conspiracy theory or bias argument for this particular site.
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