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Default Re: NVidia should STOP supporting Linux

This thread is nice and old I see-- but still relevant. Time for its yearly revival!!

QUOTE : "..or stop supporting Linux altogether so people would stop wasting time trying to get this stuff working because unless you have anything other than the simplest of systems it's going to drive you nuts."

The above is just rubbish.. I like to think my system is rather UN-simple, and while I DID spend a significant amount of time getting everything working *just right*, I would have jumped off a bridge by now had I been screwing with ATI junk and their closed source code. FWIW I have two dual-head PCI-E nVidia cards in my MSI nVidia-chipset SLI-ready mainboard (w/intel CORE2 CPU), and have 4 (yes FOUR) monitors running simultaneously as 4 X-screens w/Xinerama. No big deal. nVidia made this possible for me; I doubt your problem is nVidia. And simply GPLing the driver won't instantly solve your Xen problem. I hope for your and others' benefit that Xen and other weird setups may be supported at some time; but the fact that it isn't at THIS moment (and maybe it IS today, I dunno) is no reason to curse the whole shebang.
For the record, (YES I use Linux exclusively), have an SLI motherboard, but NO-- I don't play games, and I did not buy it to play games; I bought it to run 4 monitors (among other things).

Another thought of mine is that '..if people are that bent on playing video games with their several thousand dollar computer, then run a separate machine filled with M$ proprietary crapola, Windows, etc, and have ALL your hardware working PERFECTLY and to its max potential, thanks to greedy hardware vendors catering to M$ and making hardware toted as being "For Windows" because Windows is not worth much more than that- a nice bloaty expensive game machine; save the Linux box for real work. Or simply invest in a video game console. *nix wasn't created to play games-- get over it if your Linux won't play your silly game.'

I feel that nVidia is doing fantastic in their support for linux-- the fact that their hardware WORKS in Linux is a very good thing, and is more than I can say for a load of other hardware makers, who make keyboards, modems, HID's, webcams, and probably other things, that are made to M$ specs. That stuff isn't "hardware", it is "Windozeware".
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