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Blah, screw it. I'll prolly just go to BB to try it out as I'm morbidly curious now. I can just say, it wouldn't work in my motherboard and bring in the thread from Rage3D to back me up if I don't like it, heheh.

Originally posted by ATI LoVeR 9700
BTW, I have a 2001 Saturn SL2(in addition to the 3 Bimmers, 87 325i is back, my 95 525i, and my 2002 M3 which I saved up for for 11 years), that I bought for 8,000 after it was in an accident. Can I put any performance parts on it? I mean, I DON'T WANT TO RICEBOY IT! I mean real performance, not Hochikacha toys. Know any sites that sell parts? I like that car, it's just a little, weak.

So can you help out Saturn? I'm in Illinois too, so local shops are fine if you know any.
So as not to take this thread off topic, I'll PM you shortly.

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