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Default Re: overclocking the fsb with speedfan.

If you can not set it in bios, speedfan wont do either I belive (as mobo has to support the numbers you wanna feed). If its just a matter of you not being familiar with the bios, I strongly urge you to do the research and read up on what OC actually means and does to the system.

On another note, when you wanna OC, you do it in small steps then stresstest and monitor heat/stability. If it works then you repeat the steps again untill you hit the highest possible and the lower those settings just a bit to be safe.

Also, when you OC, you want to dissable everything that is not needed (com ports, integrated stuff) to offload the chipset, you also want to set memory low at this time so it wont become a factor when you test. Memory you OC/Test later.

It's also wize to do forum and google searches for people with same mobo and look at there results and tips on bios versions and such.
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