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Cliff Pitt
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Hi All.

I have sorted the problem out now....for all those that are interested the problem was caused by Gainwards "so called" Expert Tool v1 and v2...when I installed the drivers from the Manufacturers CD it installed this program as well (no way of selecting NOT to install it!!!).

Expert Tool and nView were conflicting with each other so neither would start up.

I did ANOTHER clean install and just put the DET 40.41 drivers on from Nvidia...sorted.!!

Previous to this I assumed that the Expert Tool just HAD TO BE installed for the card to function correctly and to use the other OC features etc etc etc of this card....not so!!!.

As you are all aware...DET 40.41 has its own OC need for the now defunct Expert Tool program.

All is fine now.....funny thing is my program menu speed has gone back to 0 secs and the system has stopped re-selecting animation for windows effects (i turn all this rubbish off by default) these two conflicts must have been causing one hell of a problem for the desktop shell???

40.41 nView is still not quite bug free..but...hey!!...I can live with it for the time being....and will now give the card a fair chance to impress me.
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