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Originally posted by StealthHawk
What personal attacks? That I called statements such as this assinine? That was not a personal attack, and I stand by my comment. There are screenshots that have been posted(not by [H] conveniently) that clearly show the mipmap transitions.
I said:
IQ differences that can only be detected by zooming in on pictures with paint programs or by any other method than looking at the game with your naked eye in action are 100% useless in terms of comparing in-game IQ differences between the card.

Note I said "only" - read the statement again. I'm saying if you can't detect the differences in game with your naked eye, then any IQ differences that can be found with paint programs, etc, are useless, because in the end you still cannot detect them with your naked eye, and cannot see them. What is not valid about that?


Keyword what he could see. He says he can see a difference, but that when you're "playing the game no one will see the differences." In other words, he writes off the changes and says that because he can't see them then nobody else can either. That's a dangerous presumption.
What he did say that Nvidia looked slightly superior when AF was off, ATI looked slightly superior when AF was on, but the differences were so minor that you wouldn't be able to see them when actually playing, presumably unless you stood there staring at the distance looking for whatever it was your were looking for. Not really a dangerous statement, just one that puts into perspective how minor the filtering differences are.

And again, he was not comparing NVIDIA's filtering to ATI's full trilinear filtering. He proved nothing, except that he thinks that ATI's tri/bi AF looks better than NVIDIA's tri/bi AF

At the end of the day you just don't get it. IQ is changed, however so slightly. This affects direct benchmark comparisons in UT2003, and this is also deceit from NVIDIA. They don't perform full trilinear in UT2003 in the Quality mode, and in UT2003 only. Everything else is unaffected. They did not announce what they are doing, in fact, they claim performance increases in UT2003 with 44.03(hmm, where did they come from). Informed users have come to know that Quality mode = trilinear. Furthermore, NVIDIA's own documents seem to want reviewers to benchmark UT2003 on ATI cards while running full trilinear! They have quietly slipped in this fake trilinear in replacement for full trilinear without telling anymore, and without giving users the option of using real trilinear. That is the crux of the issue. [/b]
And again, my counterargument is that if this is in fact an optimization, and not a bug, I would prefer it because it offers faster speed with IQ differences that according to a major site is undetectable when actually playing. Maybe arguing for an option to revert to the standard method just for kicks would be in order, but if you owned an FX card would you honestly use it, if the reviewers themselves looking for the differences didn't notice any during play? I think the point they were making over at HOCP is that the IQ difference is being blown out of proportion and although it can be seen when studying screencaps, it's so minor that when actually playing it, it's not noticable. You may disagree, but that is his unbiased findings (again, HOCP has been very hard on NV cards). You may feel differently about comparisons if you have done a side by side comparison of both, but when one of the pickiest sites out there says its no big deal, you have to wonder if its worth worrying about.
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