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There will never, ever be another game like EQ1.

Do you think gamers of today could cope with a zone like Plane of Fear? There's no way, they'd shrivel up and suck their thumbs. No maps, no quest helpers, no goofy question marks above npc's heads. They'd be lost in complicated zones like Guk, die in traps like the jailcell in Najena, miss hidden walls, suffer xp loss on death, no safe instances to escape pvp, constantly die from trains because they're used to safe levelling.

Gamers weaned on WoW could not cope with EQ1. They wouldn't know how to use mana efficiently, wouldn't know how to get around without a minimap. They'd be totally overwhelmed. Faction would blow their minds, Sergeant Slate would have a field day, so would Fippy and Grimfeather. They'd fall into the Hole. They'd complain and send in petitions all the time. They'd lose their corpse. They'd die, constantly. They wouldn't make it past level 10, Norrath would eat them alive.

EQ1 would be just too hard, not because it's archaic or old, but because it's too 'real'. They could never rise to the challenge, why would they, when there's easier games to play. I know that sounds elitest, but it's true, and everyone who's ever played EQ1 knows it is.

I'll probably get flamed for that, but that's ok. I understand. It's not my fault, it's just that MMO's are different now. I don't actually agree with the direction they're headed in, but what do you do.
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