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Default System dying?

So over the past 2 months of this system (in sig) I have done some somewhat extensive overclocking. As basically I got this build upto a solid 3.8ghz on water. Ran Prime95 for extensive processor testing. And basically all was running fine up until about a month ago. I started getting random freezes, but my processor was around 45degrees max and the gpu's at around 50 each also. These freezes only happen while playing cs 1.6 and source. (Which is all I play pretty much) I reset my WHOLE sytem to stock. 2.4ghz Q6600 and the stock clock on the gpu's. Anyone got any suggestions?
The Main Rig:

Apexia Full Tower, Thermaltake 750 Watt Psu, Intel Q6600, Dual 8800GT's, Coolermaster Liquid Cpu Cooling, 3 Gb Corsair XMS2, Evga 780i Striker Motherboard, 2 X 160Gb Dual Hitachi Raid 0, Windows Xp Pro
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