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Originally Posted by |MaguS|
You just made me cry... so many good memories! I remember when I leveled up high enough o pay back Slate... oh man he was never up for more then a min!

EQ1 is too old and too hard, there are alot of things that can be improved but many that should never have changed. I hate the idea of current MMOs being solo friendly... thats stupid. The who point of a massive community is to work together, not to be alone... Why play a MULTIPLAYER game alone?

Please don't take this as a flame, but this argument is old and tired. I say this because there are many things to do in a MMO, not just group and fight together. There are many ways you can co-operate with other players, without grouping. Crafting, trading, chatting ,roleplaying, etc. If I log into WoW, buy something off of the Auction House, then sell my wares on the same Auction House, then get a rogue to open my locked box and get a enchanter to put a enchant on my weapon, I have done things with other players that I could not do in a single player game. I have "played" with other players without fighting. These games are not all about fighting mobs, there are other aspects where having other players around is desireable.

I like to solo and group, but mainly I solo, because it takes time to find a group and I like to go at my own pace. Plus, I have a family and get interrupted at times and have to go AFK. The days of a diehard group centric game are over, IMHO. MMO's are a business that need subscribers and most people want to solo.
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