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Default Re: X-fi to 5.1 Receiver?

The 5.1 Anolog surround from on-board is usually rather excellent. Infact I favor that over digital with Dolby ProLogic I and II. The 5.1 anolog from the on-board is pretty derned good, atleast from my experience. I've yet to try DDL or DTS Connect. Supposedly the on-board soundcard that I have supports DTS Connect but I've yet to get it working under Vista x64... go figure.

Anyhow, I just use ProLogic when gaming now... ProLogic II is decent, but not as good as the 5.1 anolog IMO. But my new reciever does not have 5.1 Anolog inputs. I'm gearing up to purchase this YAMAHA and/or this Pioneer. I'm honestly leaning towards buying that Pioneer now (gotta' break in my new credit card ) and the Yamaha next month. Would love to finally have to recievers linked as that pair would allow me to do.

Not sure how I'd deal with the dual sub pre-outs then. Could get a third reciever with multi-channel inputs and feed both sub pre-outs into the third reciever. I'm looking to run four of Cerwin Vega's dual 15" cabinets... but that'd be $2k for four of 'em. I'd probably settle on 4 of these instead. My only concern is that the dual 15" cabinets are rated as low as 24Hz... which is closer to what you want for a dedicated sub. Right now I've got two active 15" woofers, good down to 20Hz. But I can only pump 100 watts to 'em with the current amp I'm running, even though they're rated at 150watts RMS (300 watt peak). But I also have four 12" woofers in each of my corner speakers (front L/R, Surround L/R) that drive as low as 20Hz.

Anyhow, the 5.1 anolog does a fantastic job. Sure, it means running even more cables, but really that isn't too big a deal.
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