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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Yes it does support DX10 if you have the acceleration expansion pack. Although they call it "DX10 preview" so it's basically beta....I haven't had much luck with tends to crash FSX frequently. But while it's working it definately is faster than DX9 mode. If only it didn't keep crashing....

Its not the DX10 preview that causes the crashes its Nv's sh*tty drivers that are the fact i just installed 174.93 today and althought the rendering errors are still there i simmed for over 2 hours without a crash any 169.xx or lower 174.xx driver caused crashes within 20/30 mins.....

talking of DX10 preview go jump in on this thread i started at AVsim (philT is partaking in it) so we can get to the bottom of these DX10 problems
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