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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Revs
My mate has just been up to my house with a new toy

It's called TrackIR by NaturalPoint .
I've owned a tir 1,2 and now the 4. I won't fly without, and I use it in race sims too. It really makes a ****pit feel like a 3 dimensional space.

Where it really shines is in ww2 combat prop sims. Being able to effortlessly keep focused on your opponent no matter which aerobatic manuever you're both performing is awesome. The first time I locked up with a 109' in a scissors fight I instantly fell in love with the technology. And being able to move your point of view while straffing a target just feels natural. You can fly by an object and just track it right past your ****pit, never losing focus on it.

I can't wait untill Oleg Maddox releases the upcoming "Storm of War: Battle of Britain". I'm ready for some WW2 combat aviation and bob is a great campaign.

Since your friend likes the TIR tell him to check out the ButtKicker Gamer. Like the TIR, the buttkicker adds alot of immersion. Imo they are a great deal for the price, you can usualy get them for around $50.00 usd.
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