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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig
talking of DX10 preview go jump in on this thread i started at AVsim (philT is partaking in it) so we can get to the bottom of these DX10 problems
Giz, it seems like that thread had about as much wind as one of my 98 yr old grandmother's farts.

Both ATI users and Nvidia users have been proven to suffer the flashing taxiways under DX10. It looks more and more like the problem actualy belongs to ACES. They seem to think that FSX DX10 was some kind of unsupported free extra that they generously bestowed upon us, and not a product feature that was hyped from the beginning and that we paid for.

It's obvious that Microsoft has abandonded FSX. Acceleration was released in Oct., which means we have been patiently waiting for a fix for over 6 months. Basically they dropped a defective product on us, (after much hype), then abandonded it without fully fixing it. Instead, they've moved on to the next release and another chance at digging in our pockets.

IMO it's time for the betrayal to receive the publicity it deserves. Anyone have any idea on how to go about it? Maybe a nice article on a preeminent site?

Really, I'm inclined to form a class action lawsuit. I'm no where near being a litigious person, but I'm tired of someone pissing down my back and telling me it's raining. It's perfectly appearent that FSX users are on their own, with no clear advocate.

ACES points the finger that way towards the graphic vendors --> END USER SITTING IN MIDDLE <-- ATI/Nvidia play deaf, mute, and blind.

Well, on second thought, I may actualy owe nvidia an apology. For months they've been taking heat for a bug which might not even be their's.
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