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Originally posted by MarkSmith
Personally I think NVidia are doing what is best by keeping the drivers closed source ("Oh my gosh! Sacralege! I hear you cry! :-)

Well if you think about it

1) NVidia own the patents/designs etc for their products, why should they reveal how they work ?

If their products are patented then it's already been revealed. I think propbably portions are patented, but a large part is just trade secret.

2) NVidia employ the people who designed the hardware and software so they've got all the expertise and should be able to produce the best software.
While I don't disagree with this statement, it really has nothing to do with releasing the specifications so that OS programmers can add their additions/fixes/improvements

3) Open Source drivers are open to malicious tampering ... I'm quite sure you can hunt through google and find various references to backdoors being coded into various "free" programs.
Spoken like someone who doesn't know anything. Have you even heard of Microsoft? Every single week there's another gaping hole found in their security. With open source, the holes are much less frequent, since 1. The programmer doesn't dare rely on security through obscurity, and 2. There are more people pointing out the bugs. I urge you to do some research into this, and see for yourself.
4) NVidia will probably stick to a design methodolgy .. whereas open source developers prefer the hackit and postit method (from the Bodgitt & Skarper institute of learning)
Why would you assume that open source developers aren't professional? As someone who as seen over 2 decades of programing (and more then that of source code) I can assure you that Open source code is generally much more cleaner and easier to understand the proprietary. It is obvious to me that you haven't ever done any Open Source programming or you would know better.

Just my opinion :-)

Which in my opinion is rather uninformed.
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