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Default Re: Help me configure this storage server!

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
Disk Management won't allow you to re-partition the drives...I have to go into the card's bios and re-partition the drives.
Here is what you do. Setup RAID 5 in the cards bios. Don't partition anything or format anything in there. Install the OS, use it to configure the OS partition only. XP, Server setup all let you do that, just set it to 93 GB or whatever. NOW when the OS is installed use Disk Management to create the extra Partitions. The OS will probably only see one big drive with unallocated space.


Break the array, install the OS to a partition on ONE of the drives. Once in the OS use it to create the RAID array across the drives. This way is less hassle, BUT I don't know if Windows supports RAID 5 in it's software (It does RAID 1 fine). Using Windows to run the RAID is also slower than going through the dedicated RAID card.
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